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The Brussels Chamber Choir is often looking for new singers of all voice types.


The choir organises 3-6 projects per academic year. Prospective members can join the choir for all projects or just for one.


We rehearse in English

Weekly rehearsals are on

Tuesday evenings, 19:00 to 21:30 in


Membership fee

€50/project (reductions for students/unemployed)

Exemption for professional singers


The BCC is an advanced semi-professional choir.

To be able to join you should:

-have several years of choral experience

-have excellent tuning

-have a stable tone

-be able to read music at sight, with the text

Auditions last 10-15 minutes, and can include some vocal exercises and scales, and some a cappella or accompanied sight-singing. Please bring a choral piece or solo song of your choice to sing: something you can sing confidently, with extra copies for the accompanist.

Interested in joining?

Thank you for your message! We'll get back to you this week!

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